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Be the Biggest Loser
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Be the Biggest Loser

CAMDEN, Ark. – Camden’s Biggest Loser competition begins Tuesday. The contest is February 1st through April 26th. Weigh-ins will be held in the Immanuel Baptist Church Family Life center from 5pm - 6pm on Tuesday nights. (If you arrive late, you must first weigh-in before working out.) If you miss more than two weigh-ins during the 12-week period, you will be disqualified from the winnings. You may, however, continue to work out with the group until the contest is concluded.

Workouts will also be held in the Immanuel Baptist Church Family Life center. Workouts will begin promptly at 6pm. Workouts will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm - 7pm.

You are only required to weigh-in weekly. You are encouraged to exercise to promote your weight loss, and the group workouts will be very beneficial to your success; however, they are not mandatory.

 Your weight will be read by one of Camden's Biggest Loser's team members, and recorded for game purposes, but will not be announced or shown to any other contestants.

 Each week, the player with the greatest percentage of weight lost from the previous week will receive the title of Biggest Loser of the Week. There will be a prize given to the weekly winner. Weekly prizes will increase in value as the contest progresses. If you miss a weigh in, you will not be eligible to win the weekly prize the week following your absence.

The player with the greatest percentage of weight lost overall at the end of 12 weeks will claim the title of "Camden's Biggest Loser" and the $500.00 prize Also, due to such a large response of applicants, there will also be a 2nd and 3rd place overall winner. Second place will receive $250.00 and 3rd place will receive $100.00.

You are a winner! Whether or not you win this contest, your choice to take charge of your health and fitness makes you a winner! I congratulate you now on all you will achieve during this next 12 weeks!

Events, Health