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Spring break activities for the kids | Events

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Spring break activities for the kids
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Spring break activities for the kids
Spring Fling! Spring Break! at The Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas

Time: 1-4 p.m.
Date: M-F, March 21-25
Ages: K-5th grade
Costs: Full Week: $100/members
or $135/non-members
OR By Day: $25/$60
Teacher: PBSD GT teacher Laura McNulty

Monday, March 21:
Be an Artist to Watch: Learn and improve your artistic talents as you create, draw, color and delve into all types and media of art. Green Art is here! Renew, Reuse and Recycle objects and learn to see them as art just waiting to happen.
Tuesday, March 22:
Cute Chemistry and Pretty Physics: Use everyday household items to create “sensey” bath salts, perfumes and clay masks. Learn the chemistry and physics behind these arts.
Wednesday, March 23:
It Doesn’t Compute!: Want to become a human calculator? How do we take the numbers 0-10 and create enough phone numbers for a nation of approximately 3 million people? Create patterns. Weave a design. Delve into Brain Teasers.
Thursday, March 24
What’s the Big Deal?: Blast into the world of the very tiny. Nanotechnology. Create a Mini Me. Nano Pants! Nano experiments. Macro, Micro and Nano!
Friday, March 25
It’s a Blast!: Travel to space and learn about space shuttles. Even create a moveable rocket and engineer an explosion. Create a watercolor planet and reach for the stars! Enjoy the exhibit “Astronomy: It’s a Blast.”

Events, Families