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New rankings show Benton Co. is healthiest county in Arkansas | Families

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New rankings show Benton Co. is healthiest county in Arkansas
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New rankings show Benton Co. is healthiest county in Arkansas

Arkansas (KTHV) - The 2015 annual rankings for healthiest county in Arkansas have been released.

Rankings announced by the American Heart Association show that Benton County is the healthiest in Arkansas, while Lafayette ranked the least healthiest. 

According to County Healthy Rankings, the five healthiest counties in Arkansas, starting with most healthy, are Benton, Washington, Boone, Saline and Faulkner. 

According to recent studies, the counties that have the highest rank in health also have higher college attendance, fewer preventable hospital stays and better access to parks and gyms. The least healthy counties tend to have more smokers, more teen births and more alcohol related car crash deaths. 

According to the Rankings reports, following national trends were also revealed:

  • Premature death rates are dropping, with 60 percent of the nation’s counties seeing declines. But for many counties these rates are not improving – 40 percent of counties are not making progress in reducing premature death. 
  • One out of four children in the U.S. lives in poverty. Child poverty rates are more than twice as high in the unhealthiest counties in each state than in the healthiest counties.
  • Violent crime rates are highest in the South. Violent crime rates, which affect health, well-being, and stress levels, are highest in the Southwest, Southeast, and Mississippi Delta Regions.
  • Having a job influences health. Unemployment rates are 1.5 times higher in the least healthy counties in each state as they are in the healthiest counties. During the recession, counties in the West, Southeast, and rust belt region of the U.S. were hit hardest by growing unemployment. Many, but not at all, of these counties have seen their unemployment rates drop since the recession ended in 2010. 

You can find the full rankings list here.

Families, Health, News, People