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County gets new attorney
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County gets new attorney

The Jefferson County Judge has hired Jackie B. Harris as the new County Attorney Mr. Jackie B. Harris of Pine Bluff has been retained by the Jefferson County Judge as legal counsel for the county. Mr. Harris came highly
recommendefdo r the quality of his work and outstandingp rofessionalism. He has extensive experience working with various units of loca lgovernmenwt ithin JeffersonC ounty. Mr. Harris is an attomey with the law firm of McKissic & Associates, PLLC, a privatep racticel aw firm providing legal servicesto individuals, corporationsa nd non-profito rganizations.H e also specializesin the areas of Trusts,P robatea nd Estates a nd Estate Planning. He is currently servinga s a membero f theHouseo f Delegateso f the ArkansasB ar Associationa nd was appointed to the House Advisory Committeeo f the ArkansasB ar Associationin June2 011.

Mr. Harris receiveda Bachelor'sDegreei n Criminal Justicef rom the Universityo f Arkansasat Pine Bluff and his Juris Doctorate from University of Arkansas At Little Rock's William H. Bowen School of Law. Prior to becominga n associatew ith McKissic & AssociatesP, LLC, Mr. Ha:ris spentt welve seasonps laying tight end for severaNl FL teamsi ncludingt he GreenB ay PackersT, ampaB ay
BuccaneersT, ennesseeT itans and he finished his careerw ith the Dallas Co boys.H e was
selecteda s an All-Pro aftert he 1993s easona ndf inishedh is playingc areera ftert he 2001s eason
with almost 400 catches.

Raised in PineB lufl ArkansasM, r. Harrisr etumedt o his hometown aifterr etiring from the NFL. He is married to the former Letrece Scott of DeRidder, Louisiana and they have three children: Jackie,J r., Joshua,a nd Jonathan. He is a tremendousr ole model in the JeffersonC ounty communityb einga ctivelyi nvolvedw ith severayl outhm entoringo rganization since 200I.

For morei nformation,p lease contact Daniel M arrks in the Jefferson County Judgess Offrc eat
870-541-5360 or aniela tj cgrants@yahoo.com

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