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Pine Bluff PD get help to fight crime | News

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Pine Bluff PD get help to fight crime

PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTHV) --  Pine Bluff Police is getting help when it comes to curtailing crime throughout the city.

The police department and Arkansas State Police are working jointly to cut crime, in and around the city.

In the past 30 days, according to the Crime Mapping resource on Pine Bluff PD's website, there have been almost 200 reports of assaults, robberies and homicides.

Pine Bluff is no stranger to crime or crime fighting in the Jefferson County seat.

"Every city has crime; Pine Bluff is not any different, but we're here to reduce the crime rate to such an extent that our whole perception of the city changes," Lieutenant Bob Rawlinson says.

That perception is backed up with statistics Lieutenant Rawlinson wants to change for the better.

That's what police are trying to do, by looking at their own website and their crime tracker you can see the rate of homicides, assaults and robberies statistics have almost equaled up to 200 in the last thirty days. That's a decrease from last year at this time. 

The Pine Bluff Police Department has partnered with State Police and we have instituted an Urban Crime Fighting Task Force and that has several aspects to it.

One of those aspects has stepped up community patrols. Another is random roadblocks that Rawlinson says state troopers have been helping with. "Even though we've partnered with the Arkansas State Police that still not enough," Rawlinson says.

Lt. Rawlinson says to keep the crime rate on its downward slide, they need to citizens of Pine Bluff to keep their eyes open and report wrongdoings.

"There's an old saying that says 90-percent of the crime is done by 10-percent of the people, that means there's 90-percent of the people of Pine Bluff that are good people and with those people on our side we can't fail," Rawlinson says.


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