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Pine Bluff officers take vote of no-confidence in chief | News

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Pine Bluff officers take vote of no-confidence in chief

PINE BLUFF (KTHV) -- Some Pine Bluff police officers say that they're not happy with their boss.

A vote of no-confidence in Chief Brenda Davis-Jones came before the city council Monday night. This vote came from uniformed police officers who are part of the Arkansas Police Benevolent Association.

State leaders came before the city council Monday night, formally presenting the vote and sharing officer concerns over the chief who did not attend the meeting. 

"The South Central Chapter of the PBA (Police Benevolent Association) met February 23 and took a no-confidence vote in Police Chief Jones," said Scott Hicks, State President of the Arkansas Police Benevolent Association, speaing before Pine Bluff City alderman.    

It's the latest round of turmoil in the Pine Bluff Police Department, directed at the top at Chief Brenda Davis Jones.

"The chief on multiple occasions has shown that she does not enforce discipline equally and consistently, the lack of disciplinary consistency has become a huge barrier within the department," Hicks said.

Hicks says 86 Pine Bluff police officers are part of an association chapter. He says the majority supported this no-confidence vote in the chief.

"When she acts, she doesn't even follow her own policies she's set forth," Hicks claims.     

The chief was not at the meeting to defend herself. But Mayor Carl Redus did.

"I made the decision to hire here and I'm still confident that she will do the job that needs to be done," Mayor Redus said.

The mayor feels this attack stems from the city abolishing its Civil Service Commission, an outside party handling police and fire discipline cases. 

"Change is difficult and I think they are still coming back, reacting to the fact that they lost the battle," Mayor Redus said.

Hicks did push for the commission's return Monday, instead of the replacement city review panel.

"There's still this influence from the mayor's office and other city departments that can influence their decision," Hicks said.   

Bottom line, Hicks says officers want the commission back and the chief out.

There were a few citizens that spoke at the meeting, supporting the return of the civil service commission, and at least two backers on the council. The mayor says he's open to some modifications to the new city review board but not a return to the past.

There is a proposal on the table to reinstate the civil service commission. It could be another two weeks or so before the city council takes up a vote.

We did speak with the assistant police chief, asking him to let to Chief Davis-Jones know that we'd like to get her side of the story.


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